4th International Sustainable Energy Summit (ISES) 2018
Sustainable Energy: The Future Is Here
Pullman Hotels and Resorts, Kuching, Sarawak
10th & 11th April 2018

Day 1: 10th April 2018



8:30 am Registration
9:00 am Opening Ceremony
10:00 am Networking Break/VVIP visit booths/Press Conference
10:30 am Plenary Session 1:
Envisioning the Future of Electricity Market: Transformation Towards a Greener Electricity Sector

In this session, the panellists, comprising of Government and international sectors will discuss what the future electricity market will be like, the countries’ aspirations on sustainable energy, and their targets to meet their climate obligations as pledged under the Paris Agreement. They will address the existential challenges of scaling up sustainable energy in their electricity mix, the effective intervening policies, and the role of regional cooperation to achieve the common goal of decarbonizing the electricity sector

11:45 am Plenary Session 2:
Capital Planning: Reinventing the Business Model for Power Utilities in the Future Electricity Market

Globally, the process of energy transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy is shaping the future electricity market such that power utilities are required to change their business model to prevent falling into victims of utility death spiral. In some countries, power utilities are starting to invest in sustainable energy and e-mobility infrastructure. This session will discuss on the impact of energy transition to the business of power utilities and how the utilities are reinventing the business models to remain relevant in the future electricity market. The discussion will include the measures for utilities to adopt in order to avoid stranded carbon assets and the relevance of baseload in the future electricity market

1:00 pm Networking Lunch
2:15 pm DDW 1: Integrating Large Scale Distributed Solar PV Systems to the Grid DDW 2: Bioenergy: Outlook for Bioenergy Market and Developing Sustainable Business Models
3:45 pm Networking Break
4:00 pm DDW 3: Global PV Market and Industry Outlook for 2018 DDW 4: Sustainable Hydropower: Harnessing the Future Now
5:30 pm Business Networking Session
7:00 pm State Dinner

Deep Dive Workshop (DDW)

Day 2: 11th April 2018



9:00 am Plenary Session 3:
National and State Electricity Market Transformation Roadmap

In this session, the panellists will discuss at national and state level, the strategies to achieve energy balance and security, affordable electricity, and institutionalizing climate agenda in electricity transformation. Discussion will include developing policy frameworks that will decouple economic growth from increasing GHG emissions and resource constraint, and technical and entrepreneurial skills required for the new energy paradigm

10:30 am Networking Break
11:00 am DDW 5: Best Practice on Auctioning of Large Scale Renewable Energy Projects and Designing Effective Sustainable Energy Policies DDW 6: The Future Role of Blockchain Technologies in the Energy Market
12:30 pm Networking Lunch
1:30 pm DDW 7: Low Carbon Cities Development Programme DDW 8: Final Frontier: Ensuring Sustainable and Equitable Energy for All
3:00 pm Networking Break
3:30 pm DDW 9: Unlocking Affordable Financing for Sustainable Energy Investments: The Role of International Donors and Financial Institutions DDW10: The Emergence of Energy Storage Systems: Opportunities and Challenges
5:00 pm Closing Session
5:30 pm End

Deep Dive Workshop (DDW)
*SEDA reserves the right to amend the programme without any prior notice